"One important question to ask yourself if you have sustained a fall or having walking problems"

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Balance problems and walking problems can hinder the ability to perform routine daily task or even sometimes lead to difficulty for caring for one's self.

The important question to ask yourself is...

“Are you afraid of falling?”

We have to consider all factors when we think about the understanding of how falls can impact our everyday lives and well-being.

Having a fear of falling can increase your chances of having a fall. Commonly, individuals who have a fear of falling will have a personal history of falls or the feeling of unsteadiness when walking or performing standing activities - sometimes both.

Having a fear of falling is a valid concern and never should be overlooked or minimized. The anxious feeling, that someone can experience associated with being afraid of falling, can impact both our physical and mental health.

When we are afraid of falling this behavior can be classified as fear avoidance behavior, and individuals who possess this fear avoidance behavior may limit their activity levels daily to avoid walking or performing standing activities to not fall.

Unfortunately when physical activity lessens, then an individual may sustain a loss of strength and physical activity tolerance, which can contribute to an increased risk for falls.

Balance problems and walking problems can hinder the ability to perform routine daily task or even sometimes lead to difficulty for caring for one's self. When someone goes from being independent, able to care for themselves on a daily basis to requiring someone's assistance to manage their home and personal cares, this transition can be costly, frustrating and also detrimental to our overall wellbeing - could even lead to a depressive state.

Physical therapy is an effective alternative in addressing the fear of falling and incorporating confidence boosting activities to improve an individual’s abilities to perform physical activity throughout their day and also to help encourage a safe environment for the individual to thrive. Also, working on fitness activities like building strength and endurance can positively impact our independence.

If you or your loved one is suffering from a fear of falling it is highly recommended to consult a medical professional to discuss this fear avoidance behavior to minimize the risk for falls.

Physical therapy will be an excellent solution for your current situation. If you live in the Greater Milwaukee area and would like to learn more about how physical therapy or a trained physical therapist can help you, please reach out to us by emailing info@prestigetherapywellness.com or if you would like to arrange a FREE phone call with a physical therapist CLICK HERE.

Talk more soon!!

Preston, PT

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