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“How to Ease Your Knee and Hip Pain and Stiffness Without Risking the Loss of Your Independence and Without Having to Rely upon Pain Pills!


If you’re living with bad knees or hips, they can be very painful or achy - it’s easy to think that it’s “just something that is due to our age”, or it will "go away on its own", or it’s just some “wear and tear”.


Have you been told your knee or hip pain is due to "bone on bone" and there's not much that can be done for it?


Unfortunately, we have heard stories from patients told their pain is because of their 'age' and they need to accept it. Commonly, they are instructed to ‘rest it’ or do some ‘stretches.’ Alternatively, told to take ‘pain pills’ (which can have detrimental effects on adults over 65+ years of age). 

If You’re Currently Living With Knee or Hip Pain, Here are 5 Reasons Why It Could Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:


You thought it would go away on its own - but the pain stuck around


You tried taking pain pills and rest - but the pain comes right back once the pain pills wore off 


You were told by friend or family member, that everybody gets knee or hip pain as they get older - knee or hip pain is not a 'normal' part of aging


You tried other Healthcare Professionals or Physical Therapy in the past - but it did not help or made things worse


You tried searching 'Doctor Google' or 'YouTube' for some 'leg stretches or exercises' - but they either didn’t help or made your pain worse


If any of these have happened to you - we would love to help you by inviting you to book a call to talk with Physical Therapist. We can discuss and figure out what can be done to help you. The fact that you’ve tried any or all of these things already is a GOOD THING because when you know what doesn’t work - you are closer to finding the thing that does!


Click the link below to book a call with us if you would like to get some solid advice given to you over the phone. The phone call is complimentary, and there is no obligation to book any appointments with us after the call is over. Our goal is to help you make the right decision about what to do next for the best.




“What Can I Do To Get Rid Of MY Knee or Hip Pain Quickly?”...


Well, here are four things you can do:


Get help for your problem. Procrastination or waiting for the pain to ‘just go away with time’ can prolong the amount of suffering and sometimes make things worse


Perform the 'correct' exercises - one of the best things to help you ease your knee or hip pain is to do the correct series of progressed exercises - these exercises can be given to you by a Physical Therapist for reducing pain, and to allow you to move freely again 


Avoid prolonged sitting and long periods of rest - sitting for long periods and too much rest can make your knee or hip stiff and tight. It would help if you were given appropriate strengthening exercises for better posture, alongside hands-on treatment, to get you active and healthy as quickly as possible.


Get individualized, “hands-on” Physical Therapy - if your neck pain is affecting your active lifestyle or threatens your independence or gets in the way of spending quality time with family and friends - At Prestige Therapy and Wellness, we can help get you back to living the life you deserve as quickly as possible.


If you would like to know how Prestige Therapy and Wellness, can help you live with less hip or knee pain - we invite you to start with a completely free, no-obligation, risk-free 20-minute taster phone call.



So the next question is:


“How Can Choosing to See a Physical Therapist at Prestige Therapy and Wellness Help You Ease Your Knee or Hip Pain - In The Next Few Days?”


Here are just a few of the things Prestige Therapy and Wellness can provide for you:


We can help you find out what’s going on, and get to the root cause of your knee or hip pain once and for all  


We can help you put an end to taking all of those pain pills that are not good for your health long-term


We can help you get back to enjoying quality time with family and friends that knee or hip pain has stolen from you


We can help you to finally get a good night sleep without tossing and turning trying to find that one position that feels right


We can help you to sit more comfortably so you can enjoy your meal or sit through a program without your knee or hip pain restricting you


We can help you improve your standing and walking abilities, so you can get around the house better completing necessary chores and keeping your independent 


We will ensure that your problem is “corrected” by providing you with the perfect set of exercises to help speed up your recovery



If you want to know what it costs - and what availability we have, then please click the button below and complete the short form:




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