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"We Help Individuals Aged 65+ Keep Active And Mobile, So They Can Continue To Enjoy Life Without Losing Track Of Their Health And Wellbeing."

Click play on the video below to hear about how Prestige Fitness WI can help you!!

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"10 Powerful Strategies To Improve Your Health & Wellness"

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Are you or your loved one aged 65+ who is looking to keep moving with some fun, simple exercises without needing to leave home?

This online program is for dedicated older adults or their loved ones who are looking to keep active and mobile at home during this uncertain time and beyond!


Do you feel like you are slowing down and not getting out or around the house like you use to? Are you noticing your body is stiffer or not as flexible?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then click the LEARN MORE button below to check out our online program Sit, Get Fit & Stay Safe At Home Online Fitness Community!

Need assistance with attaining or maintaining your personal health and fitness goals?

Who Do We Help?

Each client receives a personal initial consultation to discuss their goals and history.


Together, we create a personalized plan of action and collaborate to establish personalized wellness goals.


We focus on assisting individuals in areas of weight loss, strength training, maintaining flexibility and walking.


We serve individuals dealing with medical challenges including arthritis, pre-diabetic/diabetic conditions, post heart attack/stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and pre/post-surgical procedures.


We aim to keep you motivated and focused on track to ultimately achieve lifelong fitness and wellness success!

Our clients enjoy receiving individualized plans and strategies to assist in attaining their overall fitness and wellness goals. 

Do you have any questions that need to be answered? Set up a FREE 20-minute phone call. We can talk to make sure that we are a great fit to help you. Just click the button and submit the form.

Do you have a question regarding cost and/or availability? We can answer your questions prior to booking your first session.  Just click the button and submit the form.

Do you have a question regarding fitness or wellness?
Contact us below we will be honored to assist you. 

Need help with weight loss or nutrition?

Please complete this quick questionnaire and we will be in touch!!

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