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"Break The Habit Of Sitting Too Long: Easy Ways To Avoid Sitting Longer Than 30 Minutes At A Time"

Have you noticed that the most active and independent people are always moving?

They are on-the-go. Yes, you don't have to be a busy body 24 hours a day to ensure good health if you take a short nap or two….enjoy it! If you are sitting and watching TV for hours, take notice of some tips to ensure you aren't doing yourself harm.

You see, if you sit for an extended period and don't get up your nerves, muscles, and bones tend to weaken. This weakness very well may lead to the increased difficulty to do daily activities like getting out of chairs, doing steps, or walking around stores.

Try to get up at lease every half hour from sitting, especially if watching TV. You can get a break from the commercials and take a few laps inside your house, or if the weather is decent around your home. Getting up every thirty minutes from sitting, limits stiffness, and improves blood flow that our body needs to stay active.

Plan a couple of activities that you can perform on your feet throughout the day. Standing activities can include light housework, walking, dancing, exercises in standing, or only just getting out of the chair and standing.

Perhaps after a few thirty-minute breaks from the TV. You may find more active things to do to keep your mind and body sharp, remember the old phrase "Use it or lose it!"

Get scheduled for socializing.

The second most common thing independent and active individuals have is a busy calendar. Many active individuals find ways to fill their schedules with meaningful activities.

Some active individuals enjoy volunteering at their favorite service organization or club. Many folks find attending religious services and meetings throughout the week meaningful. Still, others like to grab a bite to eat, or coffee, with a group of friends. And others may find visiting the library, the park, nature trail, or friends and family they don't often see meaningful enough. The main thing is the activity usually involves seeing they may already know, or even better meeting new people who share the same interests.

Attempt to Walk for longer distance at least once a day.

Walking for slightly longer distances is one of the best ways to build more energy, strength, and endurance. Make sure you use caution with limiting your walking distance appropriately if your cardiologist has instructed you to limit walking distances. Walking long distances can help keep your muscles used to doing more work, improve heart circulation, and can help keep your mind sharper.

Get active with kitchen exercises.

You can use the kitchen counter as a safe and effective way to get your muscles strong. Walking alone is not enough to keep you steady on your feet. Muscle building exercises at your kitchen counter can help improve your leg strength and balance. Having an expert like a physical therapist help design and implement a well-rounded routine can help you stay active and mobile for living an independent lifestyle.

Get and stay on schedule.

Your body and mind will be better if you consistently keep a schedule for the most critical activities to keep you active, mobile, and independent in your home.

Four essential things that you need to schedule and follow consistently include:

  • Meal routine: mealtimes, portion control, and balance of healthy foods.

  • Sleep routine: for going to bed, waking up and getting out of bed.

  • Medication regimen: take them at the proper prescribed times, amounts, and with or without food/drink according to your pharmacist/medical care provider recommendation.

  • Exercise routine: walking, kitchen counter exercises (strengthening, balance, and flexibility) completed consistently, an expert can assist in providing insight on the frequency and amount of activities.

Physical therapy is an excellent solution for your current situation to help you stay active. If you live in the Greater Milwaukee area and would like to learn more about how physical therapy or a trained physical therapist can help you, please reach out to us by emailing or if you would like to arrange a FREE phone call with a physical therapist CLICK HERE. Talk more soon!!

Preston, PT

P.S. If you’re experiencing difficulty in your walking or balance which restricts your ability to get around your home or staying active, please download the walking and balance tips report which includes actionable tips I give to my patients at Prestige Therapy and Wellness, LLC.


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